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"... I feel grounded, whole,

safe & awake after the treatment. Rosanna uses oils, aromas, eye pillow & soft blankets.

I felt cared for & safe.

The conversation before & after was rewarding.

My negative thoughts have cleared & I now have the calm & strength to

keep moving forward -

but in a different way…”

josephine U, shamanic healing

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This reiki treatment begins with me gently placing both of my hands on your head, then I follow your chakra system  at a calm and comfortable speed. It is always beautiful to see how the energy sooner or later shifts for the client. KI (life force energy) is activated through hands-on, which we can feel after a yoga class or other liberating activity. Reiki releases stagnant energy that resides in our emotional, mental and physical body and creates a flow.

After the treatment, we have a soft conversation about what came up.

Reiki is approved as wellness care by the Swedish Tax Agency


A shamanic dearmouring focused on opening up your energy system and creating flows where it feels stagnant. a treatment that is very nice

and understanding.

You get more flow and energy, feeling clearer and more energized after the treatment.

I work with oil so wear non-sore clothes


During this shamanic treatment I work with stones, massage, breathing and healing.

Sometimes even conversations during the treatment, your energy controls.

One reason why you have chosen this session may be that you feel that there is something holding you back, that the energy needs help to flow again.

The treatment starts and ends with calming Reiki and conversation about what appeared.

I work with oil so wear non-sore clothes


An energy treatment with a focus on the womb is I tune in to your personal energy and needs.

I work with stones, sound, breathing and massage with a focus on the uterus.

Your energy is in charge.

This treatment is performed to activate the flow within you.

I work with oil so wear non-sore clothes

Foto: Henrik Wergeland

Client love

Johanna G, Womb healing

There are no words for what Rosanna gives. Clarity, calm and an incredible healing. The womb healing was something completely new to me and extremely intense and amazing. Healing and fundamental to anyone with a womb. Pure magic.

Lotta A, Reiki

Rosanna gently guides you and provides security, and I had a great experience. When I left there, I felt deeply grounded, in balance and with a wonderful feeling of softness throughout my body. Warm recommendations! Thanks!

Carolin W, Schamanic treatment

Highly recommend a shamanic and a reiki healing session with Rosanna, she is empathetic and calm and it's like she always knows what I need throughout the session. Afterwards I felt calm - as if a stone had been lifted from my shoulders, and I felt much lighter and freer after our session.

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